jokers in every subculture... even on the bike

there are jokers in every subculture
be that athletic, musical, or what have you

just because someone is on the bike does not mean that they get my immediate stamp of approval

when I am out riding or I am out driving
heck, even when I am out walking I have encounters with cyclists that piss me off

riding bikes on the sidewalk?
if you are under twelve years old... sure
older than that... take it to the street
sure you can take the sidewalk for a block to get to your house or the store
but be respectful of others
anticipate the actions of others
give everyone their right to their space and their safety
expect the unexpected

out on the bike?
on the bike path I have near collisions with other cyclists all the time

cyclist nearly hit me head on
some cyclists pass me too close without giving an audible warning
they may be my brothers on the bike
but... they are jokers
and I let them know this
just as the guy heavy on the horn in the SUV may have gotten my finger... the cyclists may get some lip
(the finger has moved from the bird to a wave... I have upgraded from Anger 2.0 to Anger 2.5 with the hand waving patch)

it is not me against the cars
I own a car
I drive a car
my family shamelessly has two cars
no... it is me against the selfish assholes who are ruining everyone else's day

be they liberals or conservatives
cyclists or car drivers
it they are enfringing on anyone else's right to a placid good time... they are pissing me off

when I ride off road I try to imagine that I am on the same trail headed head on
so I take turns and corners at a speed that seem rational
in an effort not to come around a blind turn only to find a dog or a small child on the trail

when I drive...
I treat others as I wish to be treated
usually my complete stops at stop signs and stop lines nearly get me rear ended as it confuses the ignorant drivers of the modern age
at the four way stops I usually get snaked by the car that approaches faster and fails to stop
as they too are confused by the appropriate behavior
it may piss me off... but I have grown to expect it

when I walk....
I watch the actions of those around me
anticipating the misbehavior
seeking eye contact before I start to cross the street
even if I have the right of way
as I have learned
people tend to be idiots or assholes
not concerned with anyone but themselves

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