just like our government to stretch the truth... always in their favor

it is just like our government to stretch the truth
but... they always tell the story to favor them

I hate to sound like a paranoid conspiracy theorist
but I think that we are being cheated all around
this cheating creeps into our everyday life

a few years ago I had an old beater truck
an '84 Toyota Landcruiser
it was a beautiful old rust bucket
one day I got one of those letters in the mail
one of those official governmental letters that causes some panic
simptoms may involve accelerated heart rate and sweaty palms
so... I got one of these letters and it had a photo of me in my truck going up a hill not far from my house
the device that was neatly hidden by Roscoe P. Coletrain clocked me at 55 MPH
I doubted the speed
so I got in my truck and went up that hill at 55MPH
sure... I could do it
but it was unlikely
as I felt like Steve Austin about to crash land my space rocket
I did not argue the ticket.... just paid it

then this weekend past I was at the Baltimore Aquarium with my kids
in an effort to park closer to the aquarium I opted for the street
with change on my person it seemed like a good enough idea
two hours seemed like more than enough time to entertain the boys with all the water and all the fish
each of the boys helped with maxing out the meter at 2 hours
I pushed start on my STOPWATCH

sure enough we were out of the aquarium in under two hours
there was enough time to grab a bite before we got back to the car
initially we talked about getting carry out and driving to the park
we had met a friend and his kids
who were good enough to hang out and start eating lunch as I ran back to the car
where I was either going to move the car or add more money
depending upon availabilty of spaces and chaulk on the tires

as I approached my car I saw a friendly Baltimore meter maid
she looke as friendly as the DC meter maids
as I got closer to the woman and my car I glanced at my watch
my stop watch was just over an hour fifty-nine
the meter read zero
the meter reac zero long enough to have the meter maid half way through my ticket
I motioned to my watch
I with very little effort petitioned my case
then went back to have lunch with the kids as I just bought parking for the rest of the day

if bothered me....
is it possible that the meter was off by thirty seconds?
is my TIMEX digital Ironman Triathalon watch thirty seconds off?
if does not take thirty seconds to puts start on my stop watch....
heck it does not take ten seconds to scroll through the modes, find CHRONO, hit stop, hold to reset, then push start to record the time
where did that thirty seconds go?

it pisses me off to think that the meters could be intentionally off

this is not hard science
I am human
it was foolish for me to try and cut it down to the wire
but... I am still curious if the timer on the meter is exact...
it did seem to be a little off
and that meter maid
she looked a little heavy to be a ninja
and if she is so effiecient
why is she only a meter maid
she is getting stuff done and could use her hyper efficiency for good rather than evil

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