local artist... bring it back to the bike

dan treado in the washington post
years ago I knew dan treado from around mount pleasant and around the keg
his younger brother colin was friends with some of my friends which made us friends

for a while there I was surrounded by cigarette smoking artists

at one of the many mount pleasant parties I ran into dan treado
dan and his then wife kelly had purchased some bikes from my then time employer Mike Sendar at Big Wheel Bikes in Georgetown

as the story is old and the story is not mine I will tell it with little details and little slant

Dan and Kelly made their bike purchases at the end of the shopping day on a sunday
after they made their purchases they loaded their bikes on the car
before getting into the car to leave they noticed that kelly had forgotten her purse in the bike shop
they returned to the shop that they just left moments prior
the door was locked
there at the register was mike sendar

they knocked
he pointed to the "closed" sign
they knocked again
he again gestured to the "closed" sign
surely he recognized them from the transaction that took place thirty minutes earlier
as mike sendar is known to recognize people from transactions that occured 30 years earlier

the next day was monday
the shop was closed on monday as many bike shops were closed on mondays
they had to return on tuesday to retrieve the purse

that is how I remember the story being told....
then again I was at a keg
years and beers may blur my memory

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