segways are for losers
on the urban sidewalk pisses me off

one time there was some joker on the towpath along the C&O Canal riding along in my blindspot on one of those
or something similar
it was cutting into my good time


Blue-eyed Devil said...

Getting back to nature by leaving the legs at home...the perfect yuppie outdoor gear!

Anonymous said...


Is this picture for real? Is this guy really in DC riding around on a Segway in the woods?

gwadzilla said...

ya know
I did not take that picture

stole it from their website

it is a shocker that this product would exist

hope I never see one of those
if I do
I hope the user has a justifiable reason for not just walking

when I see DC police on those
I think...
don;t you think that they could use the exercise

DC's Finest is not DC's Fitest

Anonymous said...

I always think the same thing: it seems that the people I've seen on them can walk and that the exercise wouldn't hurt them one bit.

I can't believe the hype that these were able to get when they came out.

Stupid scooters and lazy people.