the morning in the alley

not a bad way to start the day
not a bad way to spend the morning

dean and grant rode their bikes in the alley with some kids from across the alley

the trip down the hill was the objective of the day
dean and grant did nothing but up and down
grant walked it up... always further than my commands
dean riding it up to the top with determination
both of them spinning as hard as they could testing their own personal limits on the way down

the weekend was bike free for me
although I did get to work on some bikes
straightened some wheels
disassembled my old broken jamis nova to hand over to see if it gets warrantied
tightened up my fixie... the already mentioned wheel, the left crank arm, and the front brake... yes I ride with a front brake
fixie is not my thing... not my second nature... more of a day off bike than anything else

rainy days are tough with the boys
any day can be tough with the boys
my wife and I tagged teamed the responsibilities of the weekend
had I raced... she would have had to handle the madness alone
as a team things can be hard enough
a joy
but hard


Matt Donahue said...

I think you made the right call. As a wise man once told me, you are not a mountain biker for one race, or one season, but for life. There will be another 100. It looks like you were having a fine time in the alleys of Mount Pleasant with your own team.

gwadzilla said...

I am sure you rocked those climbs
there have been so many saturdays where I am getting back pain trying to push my boys up the hill on their bikes
as you and so many others I know are finishing your long road work outs

good job

great write up

I need to put a little more time in on the bike