the motorcycle boy reigns

rumble fish
a classic film
never read the book
never read the outsiders either
think I was too old to bother when I finally was introduced to the book
that and... I never read as much as I should
reading is something I am certain to try and turn my children onto
as much as I enjoy to read... I do not prioritize it enough and it does not always come easy to me

the thought of rumble fish is not so much about reading
but had me thinking about siblings

laurence fishburne was awesome in this film
but not as hot as diane lane
okay... laurence is cool and diane is hot

go get your own pictures of diane lane

rumble fish on wikipedia
rumble fish gives an audio audio branding
it never occurred to me that such a service/business would exist
but then again everything exists
you can pay someone to hang your christmas lights
pumpkins may start coming precarved

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