my nose is raw

I have a cold
not a bad cold
I have a cold

my head is stuffed up
my nose is running
I am not feeling one hundred percent
I have a cold

the one thing greater than the risk of flats in a cross season
is getting a cold in cross season

life, work, and the world are against me trying to train
there is life which includes a wife, a dog, and two kids...
and all that goes with it
there is work... showing up early and staying late
okay... trying to be on time and frequently having to stay late
then the change of season with shorter days
it is tough to get out and ride

long rides have never been my thing
short attention span and short rides
that is my style
those are my options

as it turns out my short commute with a short extension is usually all that I have time for
trying to make the best of my short time and short rides
no I am not so intense to train hard
but... I do try to get something out of the riding that I enjoy

some people do wind sprints others do hill climbs
okay... it is more analytical than that in this day and age
but I am not that analytical
I am just riding

but I know that the various types of riding may offer different types of training
so I rode through the city
did what I call... urban wind sprints....

that is riding around town and going with the flow
stopping and slowing when traffic allows
then sprinting to speed only to have to stop or slow in a block, two, or four.....
then to take the speed from nothing to something

then.... shortly after the guy yelling, "there is a sidewalk" I took it to the sidewalk
well, actually I took it to the singletrack path beated into the earth on this small urban park on Capitol Hill
did several loops around the park
aware and cautious of dogs, runners, people headed home, and whatever
then did a few variations of this short loop with greater confidence
trying to see how the bike feels
never doing anything that would qualify as "cornering"

after a few loops I glanced at my watch and took it back to the streets
more trying to get a groove with traffic and the lights
a good exercise for getting in touch with my almost new Specialized Tri Cross bike
good to get in touch with my cross bike before my first cyclocross race of the season this weekend in baltimore

very excited about fighting the desire to quit

currently wondering if this Jagermeister is going to help my cold
it tastes like cough medicine
will it help my cold?

enough on this rant
I am lost
not sure if this came full circle

"that's enough now
I an tired of singing"

where is that quote from?
someone other than my brother
okay... I will settle on my brother
anyone? anyone? ferris? ferris bueller?


Zoo said...

take the week off!! Biggest mistake I ever made this year was training through a cold, went from being sick for a few days to being sick for 3 weeks, sucks.

gewilli said...

just lay off the booze - up the Vitamin C

and what ever ya do...

don't stop commuting...

(and Don't listen to Dave)