NCVC: Ed Sanders Cyclocross Event this weekend

last night I registered
knew I wanted to do this event
should have registered sooner

why do I wait till the last minute?
guess I will leave that riddle for the scorpion and the toad

not only did I register myself
but... I registered my two boys for the lil' Belgian Kid Race
that should be a blast...
well, if they decide on race day that they want to race
my guess is they will want to do what their cousins are doing
and their cousins will be racing

I scanned a gwadzilla archive of an Ed Sanders event from a few years prior
and well
it was similar to my performance at the Charm City event
for some reason I enter these events humble
seeking a mediocre mid pack finish and settling in on riding the course to finish with a mediocre mid pack finish

sure... I had a cold and have a cold
it is hard to go 100 percent when I am not feeling 100 percent
but... I should test my limits and work above my threshhold
so what if I throw up in front of my kids...

ed sanders cyclocross event hosted by NCVC
cannondale cross bike raffle
gwadzilla archive from 2003

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