new look

this week the fixie got a bit of a make-over

had a flat that needed repairing so I figured I would follow through with some alterations I had been planning

while fixing the rear flat
actually while replacing the rear tube I went ahead and replace the rear tire as well
with a change from a standard road tire to a rather knobby but thin cross tire
with the rear wheel replaced and the chain pulled tight I went to the front wheel
I figured I might as well change the front wheel as well as the tire
this caused an adustment of the front brake
yes my fixie has a front brake

so with the work being done on the brake caliper
changing the lever would not be a big issue as I changed the bars

of course changing the bars took more time and effort than just changing the bars
changing the bars meant changing the lever
the diameter of the bar worked with the stem
but was wider than the previous lever
I looked of an alernate lever
it did not fit
but I made it fit
not having rubbing alcohol handy
some white rain hair spray got my grips on and locked em on

only to get on what seemed like a completely differnent bike

for someone who does not know squat about stopping on a fixed gear
I sure am enjoying the easy skid factor with the knobbies when I work a little track skid

the bars are funky
the mustache bars seem more like a steering wheel than handlebars
but I will get used to them
or I will change them
if I do not grow to prefer them

right now I like them
but the lever I selected may not be drawing enough brake for my taste

will try to post some pictures


The Old Bag said...

...if you give a mouse a cookie....

gwadzilla said...


that link is as random as some of my thoughts

I do not get its reference
othere than milk mustache
I like its randomness