no... not another shot of heather graham... that is kerry litka

kerry litka

kerry litka gives some small bike tips for someone looking for a cross bike

not just another girl at interbike


mbutterfly said...

I would like to note that I will be a Girk at Inbterbike this year. Look for the Terry Booth, I'll be there with the puppet.

And I better win the Booth Babe contest this year, since I will actually be one.


gwadzilla said...

your competitive spirit will carry you through

I have confidence in you

gewilli said...

the pupet will win


mbutterfly said...

And I apparently don't know how to spellcheck my comments, as I just now read what I wrote and my GOD that is bad typing.


gwadzilla said...

so... mi maestra/la professor
earth science not english

obviously I was a C student at best
and I got C in Spanish because the teacher was being nice