there will be no Shenandoah Mountain 100 for me

I got pep talks from all sorts of people
emails from my brother Marc and friend/rival Chris Redlack had me reflecting on the racing results of this year, my level of fitness, my body weight, and the same level of anxiety in previous years
emails from electronic friends like Frank of Biketopia had me feeling good about my fitness and preparation approaching this weekend
a phone call from my old friend from college/skateboarding/and punk shows was very special... thanks falk... even if he crossed over to the dark side and became a roadie
the emails from fellow DCMTB emails all helped as well
my head was where it should be

by thursday I was no longer considering the weather as a factor for my racing or not racing
but rather weather was a factor for my family camping with me in Stokesville
my wife lisa watched the weather with me staying excited about camping until late Friday night

once all the gear was packed the kids were sleeping after some pre-camping discussions I got the email from SM100 race promoter Chris Scott
lisa and I renewed our discussion
it was agreed
I would attend the race and she would stay home with the kids

then this morning we woke to two year old Grant with a fever
nothing serious, just a standard kid cold and all that goes with it
the mood, the temperment, the never ending conflicts that are all elevated by the various symptoms of his cold
it did not seem fair for me to go for a three day mountain bike race weekend while my wife stayed home and tried to entertain the kids
so... I am bowing out

Lisa gave me the green light to go race this weekend
but I could not go away to ride and hang with my friends while my wife stayed with the kids
this is the balance of life
all of us have to find a balance
even those without wives or kids have to balance their passion for cycling with the responsibilities of life

staying behind to hang with the family
that is the right choice

there will be other races
in fact
cross season starts for me at Charm City in a few weeks....

my boys are as bummed about not camping this weekend as I am about not racing
we may camp at Rocky Gap State Park next weekend to make up for our missed adventure this weekend

thanks to all who helped me battle my demons
this will be a hard weekend for me as I have to ask myself that question...

"how would I of done on the bike this weekend?"
(I hate those questions... I hate those statements... could have been... should have been... forget weighing the scales... I just need to race this event with success for next year)

and please... no one make mention of my failing to defend the CLYDESDALE CROWN at the SM100
at an event like this.... it is me against myself... it is me against the course... it is me against the clock... if another 200+ racer is faster than me.... there is not much I can do

sorry Chris Redlack
I was excited to ride and race with you this year
and Camps... you will have to pass Check Point Five without passing me


gwadzilla said...

weather looks good for tomorrow's race


I am still drawn to the event
I am holding to my decision to stay home with my family

Frank Brigandi said...

Good decision. Family is always first. There is always next year...4-5 hour road rides once in a wile is a good litmus test to see where you are....and try out clothing/food...prep....

gwadzilla said...

next year

hope everyone has fun tomorrow
my phone has been ringing all day

friends trying to drag me down to Harrisonburg

next year

and yes
some longer road ride

camps said...

we did miss you brudda,
right choice
hard choice

i hope I'm as strong as you when my hard choice comes

gwadzilla said...

reading all the reports is killing me
sounds like a great time
wish I could have been one of those names
next year
there will be other rides
maybe I will have to get some time at Michaux
as I know some people moving up there