no wheelies with that load


Zoo said...

that dude's face makes it look like he's up to something

gwadzilla said...

that is tar
he is up to something

he is all about being one with the bike

he knows I love taking his picture
not just because he is photogenic
but because he is inspirational on the bike

he has a oneness and control that makes people realize they have a lot to learn on the bike

I have been meaning to set up a point where he shows me his bikes and shows me some moves

I have seen him do things where he may not know others are watching

once he did a wheelie on that trackbike in front of the White House
it was sick
I can not do a wheelie on a Ronco certified wheelie machine

and he did a 40 yard wheelie on a track bike

I had the camera
but did not get the shot

let me see if I can pull up an action shot

scan my flickr page


a portrait of tar


on that day it may have been 102 degrees 100 percent humidity

tar is so cool
he does not sweat

Zoo said...

hey qwadzilla, thanks for all the comments, hope you don't mind but I linked you to my blog. Lata!