people suck

people suck

the people that really suck really suck all the time
doing the same obnoxious and selfish things each and every day

the person heavy on the horn in traffic
that is the same person who pulls up to their friends house and uses the horn
in the age of cell phones?
sure... some people refuse to evolve
we have to hear that shit everyday
quicker with the horn than the brake

double parking
parking in front of a hydrant...
the same people do this same shit all the time
blocking traffic or blocking the hydrant
no concern for the backlash on traffic trying to flow through
never considering that there is an open space just feet away

denting and dinging a stranger's car...
the other night I was up in Baltimore
was a tad sketched that my car was going to be broken into
was relieved that no windows were smashed and nothing was stolen
was a tad bummed to see that someone crashed into the side of my car
it is a small scratch.... just the length of the car
looks like Freddy Kruger shapened his knife like fingers on my side panels
only to punch my doors in a few spots

people suck

I am pro death penalty for idiots and assholes

is the era of leaving a note and taking responsibility for one's action a thing of a by-done era?
okay the person that hit my car was more than likely a drunk crack head who can not write their own name
but what about regular folk?
do they leave notes when they have the incidental contact of cars in the Whole Food parking lot?


Frank Brigandi said...

Responsibility is a fleeting option, people don't generally want to be responsible. You and I, we can't live 1 day without being responsible or things around us go to waste. Great post, People do suck, especially when you have to rely on them and they fall short and leave it up to you over and over and over........we do because that's how we were raised, I'd have to guess, not knowing that much about you. Boundry-less people are just as bad.... they blaze into your world and just assume.....I think if there is such a thing as evolution, we may find these people gone before they are forgotten.....or so it seems....

gwadzilla said...


would I be a sucker to leave a note if I were to ding a car in a parking lot?

guess better to be a sucker than a jerk

I have been in three accidents in my years of driving
many accidents on the bike
only a few in the car
okay... four

on each account where I was at fault I stood up and took blame for my actions
as I was raised in the era where we still looked to our presidents for inspiration and leadership
those were the times of Lincoln and Washington... we joked about Nixon and the "I am not a cheat" meantality

Nixon was just one of the many that fall into the new breed
now the presidents are as shifty as the panhandlers out in front of the pawn shops
only more successful at their craft