the process

the whole photo thing is a process

it is an awkward process at times

the moving shots do not work
the small point and shoot does not always capture the picture
and well
not everyone is always excited to have their picture taken

the metaphor of fishing is a fitting one

so often I head out with the camera looking to capture a shot
I see a cyclist in the distance
too far to capture
so I walk onward
another cyclist also too far

sometimes I come back with something
sometimes I end up empty handed

sometimes there is a perfect subject just out of reach
like a fish jumping at the other side of the lake
taunting me

today was a day where I pretty much came up with nothing

I took lots of blurry indoor shots
I took lots of blurry outdoor shots while moving on the bike

I approached a number of cyclists only to be shot down

absolutely nothing


The Old Bag said...

a day like this one makes the others that much better....

gwadzilla said...


it is good to get good pictures

this weekend I took an amazing of images of my kids on the bikes

all sorts of pictures of the boys with their friends on the bike

like a gang of kid bikers on the city streets of washington dc

went to transfer them
somehow I only got the first half
which did not include some of the better shots

it was a sort of depressing fumble


I can just take more shots