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black flag

emails with frank and other this morning have me thinking

I need to set up a turntable and listen to some old records

I think that some of the music off this album will help me get through the day
and maybe through a cross race or two

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when I was a teen ager I saw Henry Rollins do his Spoken Word thing a number of times at DC SPACE
it was like a punk rock boyscout jamboree

now Henry is famous for being famous


Steeker said...

Right on ! I did'nt knowyou liked punk coooooooooool :-D

hounddog said...

I had this album in the 5th grade (1981) and my mom threw it away! Now I have it on MP3!

gwadzilla said...

this winter past I went to a funeral/memorial service for a friend of mine's father
he was a special man who was my friend too
as he was friends with everyone he met

the funeral/memorial service was a small unitarian church
I had not been in the in Pearce Hall section of that building in twenty years
since I saw black flag play there

it seemed so small
as the experience was so grand
then again
I have grown
then I was boy
now I am man

that was just down the block from the Wilson Center
where Hounddog and I attended all sorts of DC Hardcore shows together

you name em
we saw it
and more than just Government Issue and Iron cross
who seemed to be the :"house band" for a while there