Ronald McHummer

make your own sign
get your message out

it bums me out how much my kids focus on the happy meal

on road trips they see the golden arches and start claiming that they are hungry

they do not want the food
they only want the toys

okay... they do like the chicken nuggets

oh... I have never taken my children to Mc Donald's
although I am a certified junk food junkie
I stopped eating Micky D's years ago
not for health reasons
just because I liked it too much

yummmmm.... big mac...


gwadzilla said...

someone toying with actual McDonald's signs


gewilli said...


no toys but the food's good...

i need some cash - like a million or so and i'll open a store up here...

i ate at the Falmouth one...

the kids LOVED the food... i was full... kick ass all around...

GOOOD stuff

gwadzilla said...

healthy has to be the future of fast food
people will pay for it
they just need to provide it

gwadzilla said...

did anyone play with that signage?