snapping a few shots as I rolled into work

this morning as I rolled into work I stalled at a red light along side of a fellow bicycle commuter
I asked if I could snap a few shots
she asked if I was gwadzilla
I fumbled with my camera that was in my pocket

it turns out I know her and her boyfriend electronically

they moved to DC some time after Katrina devistated the New Orleans and their lives

the shots were taken on the move
I tried to manipulate the camera with one hand
as we each tried to get to work by 9am

here is her myspace page
slug hunter

and her boyfriend's page as well

trying to find a link to their blog where they tell about their personal experience with Katerina

sure... I saw it on the news
but I did not experience it

an article in today's Washington Post
Strays and the Samaritan

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gwadzilla said...

her bike is a Bianchi

a new bike

not an old bike

but it has a retro feel
a real utilitarian set up

the fenders and the basket are very cool!