some shots of prentice at lunch

hope my old friend prentice does not mind me snapping some shots as he chats on the phone
no time to interupt and ask
just point and shoot

I wonder if he ever did anything with that Cannondale Bad Boy I gave him?


Rachel said...

I love all the pics of everyone with their bikes! Do a lot of people commute in DC? It's inspiration for me to ditch the car more. Sigh. I actually have a commuter bike, who feels very neglected.

gwadzilla said...

DC is from my perspective not a bicycle friendly city in the terms of traffic
in accessibility it is very bicycle friendly

very easy to traverse the city and much of the surrounding areas via bicycle

there was not much planning
what few trails around the city work as wonderful ventricles feeding in

then once within the city

the bicycle rules the wasteland

gwadzilla said...

most of the people in the photos are messengers

as I work downtown
take most of my photos downtown

and well

the commuters are inside working
only riding in and riding out