this morning....

this morning as I stepped out the door with my dog brutus for a quick walk in the woods I watched as the cars buzzed by

the cars were moving fast as a pack

within that pack was a Gold Cadillac Escalade with tinted windows and paper tags

the brake lights went on in the back as they passed

they did not turn around
I think that I am still in their thoughts
just as they are still in mine

I regret my actions of flipping the bird
does this driver regret their actions of running the red light, excessive speeding, and failing to yeild to pedestirans?


D Achilleus said...

I really feel for those guys.

You know its gotta be tuff - being the only consciousness on the road...

gwadzilla said...

I really feel for me
as I have been reminded that I live in NEW JACK CITY
and that could be one of the BOYZ IN THE HOOD

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. you should consider living in Virginia! I agree DC sucks. Why are you and your family in DC? Are you politicians? Lawyers? I guess you both work in DC?

Frank Brigandi said...

Just more bullshit for the ghetto mentality to dish out...it's like saying what are you going to do about it?....you flipped the bird, they ran like sissy's because they are sissy's. rarely does the reala gangster drive an escalade, it's more of the image because they have no vision of themselves, so they have to identify with something "popular" to be recognized.....mommy and daddy didn;t do their jobs again......I deal with the ghetto mentality by grabbing them by their tthroata and dangling them over my basements steps when theygive me shit...like I said before, I lead the way. Hey If I get shot, at least if for something I stood up for or against.....My finger is on autopilot.....so is my left jab and straight right.....wow I sound like a total psycho, worse than the ghetto sissy...ah well, at least I know what I am....

Anonymous said...

Frank you have a lot of issues. Cut to the chase, just shoot yourself, I'll make sure you did it for a good reason.

Anonymous said...

dude in the 'clade is prolly some 5'6" wigger

total wuss, you could sneeze and break his bones.

here's the deal, stakeout, check his timing.

how prompt is he, how often does he run the red.

get on that phone of yours and make THAT vehicle the target/scapegoat,

get the 5-0 hooked on his ass, let em know they got regular bait blowing the red and running ya down. Maybe ya can get lucky enough to watch him get pulled over?