traffic calming.... sidewalk road thinning... and bike lane

this morning I was able to step away from work to attend the "walk through" on my block where the various measures for traffic calming were discussed

there were all sorts of people there
various people from the DC Metropolitian Police
an assortment of people from DDOT
our ANC representative
our Councilmember and some people from his office
some residences from our block
(including a former ANC member and a guy that rides his bike to his World Bank job where he does urban planning)
Eric from WABA
Mike from City Bikes

it was a good meeting
the traffic could not have displayed the issues better if we had hired an assortment of Hollywood stuntmen to drive up and down the block at excessive speed
every other car running the red light
all cars speeding

the discussion was very positive
everyone was on the same page
all had one goal in mind.... slowing traffic
everyone agreed that to slow traffic it would take a cumulative effort
it pleased me greatly that the notion that thinning the road with a sidewalk would make things more dangerous
which axed that plan.... whoooo hooo!
the bike lane became the focus of the discussion as it would be the easiest and least expensive initial effort
it was understood that the bike lane alone would not get the desired results
so.... a survey is to be taken of speeding traffic to decide if speed tables would be an option
the application for a red light and speeding camera was also put into motion

mission accomplished

nothing has been done
the ball is rolling
my voice has been heard
now it is time to see action

I was greatly appreciative that everyone showed up
especially the people representing the bicycle perspective
as I did not want to be the only helmet head ranting about cyclists on Park Road


gewilli said...


dat gotta feel better than a kick in the nuts!!!

hounddog said...

Nice work Joel!

hounddog said...

Nice work Joel!u

gwadzilla said...

nothing has happened yet

I fear that this was not the walk into the end zone that it appeared to be