train wreck

it is a train wreck
very tough to look away

my take
it is fine when they mess with themselves
but when they mess with people of other cultures or animals
it loses its appeal
then again
some of that stuff really cracks me up

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Frank Brigandi said...

Bam is a cousin of one of the kids I grew up with. Bam was dropped off once or twice as a youngster so his Parents could do somethkng else besides chase him around. So, what did we do? We hung him from a fence by his underwear, rolled him down the street ( Glendale road ) in a shopping art. had Wrist Rocket wars, took turns throwing each other down a steep hill to see who could get dirtier, light things on fire, throw rocks at police cars the run away, and basically beat the shit out of each other.
Looks like the carryover was strong. Poor kids growing up in an apartment complex with single mothers....talk about being left to your demise. I wasn;t always there because I was racing BMX bikes, my mom tried to keep me away from the festivities, but somehow when I was around, I was an instigator. The shopping cart riding is not an oroginal idea, we stole from the big kids, but we did amp up the danger. by throwing firecrackers and m80's at whomever was inside the cart as they were going by.......boys are dumb indeed..
we never messed with animals because none would come anywhere near us. we did do some bb gun fishing once or twice and got bored and shot each other with the bb gun in specified places to see who could take the most abuse....