very cool bags


very cool bags


I like the recycle/reuse concept
especially when it actually works!


Anonymous said...

Gay Bags!

Anonymous said...

i have one of these. i like it. every one is different.

rightwing nutjob

gwadzilla said...

not sure of the sexual orientation of those bags...

I am starting to think that the Anonymous comment folks are checking out the wrong blog

this may be a more appropriate blog if you are looking for "gay" bags


my gay-dar is set
but it is not picking up any signal on these bags

but I am gettig some sort of reading from the homophobic anonymous comments

Peter said...

While I try to be as culturally sensitive as possible I must admit that these bags are on the girlie side. I imagine that they work very well if all you carry is a Trapper Keeper and some markers. Very nice logo though. If you want a tough ass bag that will last the rest of your days, be functional and look good:


Hi Joel!