where is alec wheeler?

when I lived in colorado I had a housemate named alec wheeler...

alec was always smiling
alec was always pumped

alec always turned his music up to eleven
alec always left the house with the music still playing

alec only listened to two records
mr. bungle and frank zappa

I wonder what happened to Alec Wheeler?
that kid had some serious skill on a snowboard


Nathan said...

Don't know about your homey but Tub Ring is keeping the Mr Bungle vibe goin' and without the RIAA's help.

What's up with Anonymous? Dude - you got a right to flick off idiot red-light runners - they're the ones doin' wrong! You got a right to let your kid walk/bike to school - it's not reckless, it's empowering. I'm not saying you should do either of these things but you don't let random idiots get you down, eh?


molly said...

last time I saw him he was into Drag the River and Buju Banton...you never know with that cat....

gwadzilla said...

this post gave me some answers...

as it turns out he is in Nantucket

I called his cell yesterday

have yet to hear back from him

gwadzilla said...

this post gave me some answers

an old friend of Alec's had GOOGLED him
of the things that came up was this posting

then that person emailed me
we had some friendly back and forth as I tried to quiz her around this person
as to confirm that this was the same alec

she had all the information
including his cell number

I called

no response

I am not always diligent about checking my messages myself

then again

there is the chance that he just can not be bothered

Sallie Lynn Moore said...

I have his son Tayte Wheeler, he is 15 years old. Alec lives on Nantucket. Tayte is amazing!

Sallie Lynn Moore said...

I have Alec Wheelers child. He is 15 years old and his name is Tayte. Tayte is AMAZING! Alec never leaves Nantucket.