words can be unfair

Wikipedia gave a decent definition of ASSHOLE

the other day I ran into a guy and got to talking
we started talking about Big Wheel Bikes and Big Wheel's owner Mike Sendar
this guy had worked at Big Wheel
he asked knowingly if I had worked there as well
I was in a mood
as I am often in a mood
so, I spoke a little freely
and dubbed Big Wheel's owner Mike Sendar as an asshole

Mike and I are civil
I worked for Mike on and off for a short time many years ago
it is not that I dislike Sendar, yet I do think it is unfair to say that he can be an asshole
that said...
there are some that would say that I am an asshole

gwadzilla archive on Sendar and Big Wheel Bikes
(worth a look, some good images, scroll down to the Big Wheel story)

another gwadzilla archive where I linked to an article about abusive bosses and mentioned Mike Sendar

when I worked at Big Wheel I could not stand at a keg and tell someone where I worked without them telling me an anecdote about how Mike screwed them or someone close to them
it got exhausting defending him... or at least listening to all the stories
as defending him was not my job
Mike Sendar has mellowed with age... but... it is hard for any of us to shake our nature
I am sure he has his moments

read the gwadzilla archives....
Sendar also has some strengths
big wheel bikes

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Frank Brigandi said...

asshole, i've been called an asshole lots of times, my judgment of the people calling me is clouded though mostly with disgust for the person calling me an asshole, they are usually trying to steal something from me or expecting me to blow them or kiss their ass for $5.00. I just choose not to deal with them. Even a few employees have trashed me to other people people I know, calling me an asshole because I couldn;t conform to their lifestyle.....or they've made demands on me that are just not attainable by me. I go out of my way for people, to the point that It costs me emotionally and financially, I want people to be happy and enjoy themmselves, as I would like to. Sometimes good deeds come back to haunt you though. most times though, people like to shape the truths to suit their momentary need, to be accepted, I was never like that I could give a shit if someone loved me or hated me really, as long as I am happy, that works for me. being a leader of people I'm mostly a Type "A" personality, I do not lead by dictation I lead by example and wouldn;t expect someone to do something I would not do, type "A" also being a narcisist is a tough job. I am often criticised by jealous people or people who ask, a question like this, " So, how's business so far?" and I answer, " great, it's really busy all of the time" then they ask, " realy? hmm...." like they are expecting me to say, "oh it sucks, wanna buy my shop I hate it.." wtf?
I basically have a problem with takers, they are the true assholes.. I'm pretyt much a prt time asshole...sometimes