yes... it is all cumulative time well spent

today before we left the pittsburgh area we went from the inlaws to the cousins
it is great to get the cousins together
dean and grant love to hang with their cousins
it is great to see the cousins together
the pittsburgh and dc cousins do not get together enough

we did not have the whole day for hanging out
but we had a good chunk
there was no planned agenda for the day
just hanging out on a lazy sunday after an over scheduled saturday
we arrived and the kids were psyched
when the kids seemed occupied with just seeing each other I snuck out on the bike

was able to get out for a minute or so under an hour
a minute or so under an hour is not that long on the bike
it is a minute or so under an hour more than not getting on the bike at all
and a minute or so under an hour in the south hills area outside of pittsburgh is just enough time to let you know why it is called the south hills

was on the specialized tri cross with the new matching back and front panaracer cinder cross
the psi was set a tad low for the road
but not so squishy that I was squirelly
went and rode up and down some short steep hills in the suburban country side
I would give some specifics of where I was
but am not even sure if where I was is close enough in to qualify as the south hills
there were lots of playing fields and a paved bike trail
near the paved bike trails were some small interconnectors of dirt
some single track and some wider packed earth
all seemed kosher for the bike
the bike handled well in the soft stuff
although I never got wild or fast
never tested the cornering
still getting a feel for the bike and the body
it is hard to get hypoxic riding alone

watched the watch
estimated my road return and sampled what i could
had intended for forty five minutes
as per usual I was a few minutes late
which took me to that just under an hour measure

got back and jumped back into street clothes and out of lycra kook clothes
the boys were amped
everyone was looking for day two of our super sessions of stuck in the mud and kick the can
not sure which was a better work out...
me out climbing the hills on the bike
me being it for the full duration to each and every game of stuck in the mud and kick the can
as I like to say...
life is cumulative
it all adds up
all the good
all the bad
chasing the kids, walking the dog, riding the bike
it all adds up

my boys are still talking about kennywood and stuck in the mud

a better map of kennywood
already trying to get a better attack on the full park next year
in a year grant will be taller
so will dean....
our options and our interests expand

but I will admit
on top of the joys of seeing my boys get such a thrill out of these various rides
I also get a thrill out of these various rides
there were not many rides sans kids
but I did sneak onto the THUNDERBOLT while the family snacked on some cheese fries
it was the only way to keep me from eating them all myself


John Garrish said...

i love kick the can.

gwadzilla said...

people do not play enough kick the can

Anonymous said...

this sounds suspiciously like `training.' -- mark

gwadzilla said...

come on mark

gentlemen do not practice

you know better than that