ah.... that new chrome smell

I like chrome bikes
years ago I remember daydreaming with a cycling buddy over a couple of beers
over many beers we talked about a cleaning process where something stripped the rust and the paint off a 50 year old bike
then another dip in a different vat
chrome bike
all this was as comical as a scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit
but it is fun to day dream
if people did not consider absurd thoughts
nothing new would be discovered


Akilles said...


am seriously thinking of the new 2007 pistas that arrive in my LBS end of month. need simple. need backup. with only one bike now I wil be off for at least a week while its repaired. broke my rear derailler on yesterdays morning commute.


gwadzilla said...

the bianchi SAN JOSE seems like a sweet option in a reasonable price point