another shot of chip... some

chip has been on my page a few times before
would scan the archives, but not sure that I have the energy
you can scan the archives for another image of chip
it may be worth the trip
I am not going to bother

chip and I went to the same high school
he graduated the year prior
never knew chip very well
never knew him well then do not know him well now
but I do enjoy catching up with him

in high school I recall chip being an exceptional at soccer
not just a matter of skill but he had a matter of style
his style spilled off the field into his whole persona
did not know him well but I always respected him
I admit... I thought he was cool
definitely cooler than me
and certainly a better soccer player

that was twenty years ago
the majority, a large majority, of that time chip spent in south east asia
the united states have changed in those many many years that he was gone
not just the cleaner cities
the growth
the increased crowding
but also the wealth, the prosperity, and the terror
yes... the terror

these are strange times
I fear for the world
things are headed in such ugly directions
the statistics of hunger and poverty related deaths in Africa are astounding
for the world to be aware of this boggles my mind
if there is one thing I learned in psychology classes in college and through experiences in real life is that working together brings people together
breaks down barriers
disolves the differences

it blows my mind the money spent on war
if countries are basing their intention on god and religion
you would think that they could shift their focus off themselves and back on a purpose that would be like god's will
I am certain that god would be more concerned with feeding another man rahter than killing another man
it could be like an Amish barn raising
after things got better in Africa I am certain that they had forgotten what they were fighting about prior
end of holy wars
a better world
certainly not perfect
but a tad less self destructive

okay... it is all a little Dr. Suess
but... he is a DOCTOR

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