avatar: the most recent release is a tad more violent

this month there was a fifth DVD release for the NICK SERIES AVATAR
the DVR is a great concept
the DVD lacks commercials
so... the DVD makes more sense

we now own each release so we do not need to purchase the box set

last night as we watched two episodes of Avatar I noticed things were a little more dark and perhaps a little more violent
the battles and the fights have always had their measure of violence
the most recent episodes seem to take it to a more adult level

my younger so left his brother's side and sat with me
I thought he just wanted to hang with daddy
but it then occurred to me that Grant may have been a little scared
later that night Grant told mommy, "next time Dean wants to watch the Avatar... I will let him watch it alone"

it is a great series
but I think it evolved into something different in these last few episodes
although... even with all of the violence there is always a message
sometimes this message is too subtle for the kids
as they are more focused with what is happening on the surface

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