AZ taking the call after a short break for lunch


not just for the post man
the urban pony express lives it too

fewer workers on a rainy can mean more work for those who are hungry
or dedicated enough to show up for work on the crappy days
that is... if they are working commission


Steeker said...

Hard life at times being a messenger but they do have have what most people have given up,, messengers have FREEDOM

gwadzilla said...


that is an arguement for a messenger to answer
maybe a lifer would be able to answer this better than me watching from inside my warm dry office with heath benefits and 401K

there is a paradox of time and money

time to take vacations
but no money to pay for them

I wish I had more freedom to take vacations
I like what my golden handcuffs have brought me

gwadzilla said...

the industry of the messenger is complex

the more established that a messenger gets the more money they tend to make
the more established messengers are successful with their jobs
because they treat them as jobs
maybe less freedoms
maybe showing up early
maybe staying late
just like any other job

those who succeed make sacrifices

freedom is usually the first thing we sacrifice

gwadzilla said...

in life there is correlation between achievement and sacrifice

in all that we do