barkers on the sidewalk

each day the trip to lunch is a meandering through an urban maze

there are panhandlers, musicians, tourist, other workers out to lunch, and in front of the many gyms downtown there are often barkers

these carnival barkers amuse me
as so many of them do not hold a fit form that is to be desired
which is odd...
as the gym is selling an idea
the idea that if you walk in those doors... you will walk out looking like a calendar model

a barber can be bald
but the folks at the gym?
most certainly your personal trainer should more fit and more tone then the average customer
the lard ass should be hidden in the back washing the sweat soaked towels


Bryneth Paltrow said...

There's this one dude at my gym who would, at first glance, would fit most people's description of a lard ss.

He teaches ab classes all day long. Runs miles and miles everyday. Doesn't fool around on the weight bench either.

He's just a big round guy, but after seeing him in action, I think he probably knows his way around a gym better than 90% of the gym bunnies you see running around town.

gwadzilla said...

bryneth (wow... bryneth and brynifer commenting on the same day... that is a lot of A List Action!)

I think I sort of fall into that round guys world
performance more than pretty

I will buy that

but most people go to the gym for pretty