bikes on the move


Zoo said...

interesting seeing that singlespeed with carbon wheelsets

gwadzilla said...

fixed gear

people mix and match all sorts of stuff

the Single Speed thing is funny
as it was once a fringe low budget counter culture thing
now it is a high dollar affair

it weirded me out some years ago when I started to see Single Speeds built up to cost more than a geared bike
but now
that is pretty much the deal

most Single Speeds are serious machines!
with only a few production Singles under a grand

gwadzilla said...

I love the Single Speed
I also love geared bikes...

if given the choice of only having one

Gears would be my answer

gwadzilla said...

I thought about if I could only own a bike or a car
I would prefer to live in a world with a bike and not a car

lucky for me I am not forced to make such a choice

I also have the luxury of owning several bikes

this is an amazing world
people dying in Darfur or the Congo
and I live in a society where a 2 thousand dollar pit bike is a rational purchase

we are lucky

we are definitely lucky