city planning and the bicycle

it seems that there is not enough consideration for the bicycle in our City Planning

when the City Planners sit at their board room meetings eating Chinese food at their late night think tanks I do not feel as if too many of these people are thinking about bicycles
sure, they are crunching numbers and giving estimates
most of future thinking has to do with the numbers of cars and the estimate of future car drivers and future car related traffic issues

most people are part of the car culture
bicycles are just not part of the thinking process of the average person

sure there are some people out there working to keep the bicycle in the future plan
or are there?

maybe each and every cyclist needs to do a little something to make sure that the world becomes more bicycle friendly
with rapidly growing populations the number of cars on the road are going to increase dramatically
we need to make sure that there is enough space for bicycles on the road
get out and do something

WABA: Washington Area Bicycle Association
The Washcycle
The Washcycle reviews Washington DC's Comprehensive Bicycle Plan

get involved at some level
at community meetings involve the bicycle perspective
when there is talk about building new roads... ask... what about bike paths and bike lanes
this notion should spill over to mountain biking as well

IMBA:International Mountain Bike Association
MORE: Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts

support the bicycle advocacy groups
become a bicycle advocate yourself
if you are too busy... send your money to the groups that protect your interests

Rails to Trails

American League of Bicyclists

and sure
there is Critical Mass
DC Critical Mass

feel free to add vital links to other information in the comment section

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