cold morning

cold morning...

time to get the cold weather gear up front and center
no time to dig around for a matching full fingered glove and a second arm warmer in the am
as it takes longer to get dressed and longer to get undressed
need to be a tad more organized

my need for organization spreads throughout my life as a whole

I am a less than organized individual

the cold weather felt good...
but only as something new and different


Akilles said...


the before bed ritual begins anew!

today was not so cold (about 54°) but rain.

any reccommendations on waterproof/cold weather pants?

Surly Rider said...

I totally dropped the ball with getting out on time and had to get in the car. Really sucks. I wish I lived close enough, or didnt have to wake up so early so I dont have to take the train out to work.