curious of this guy's history

this guy has been on the street doing the messenger thing for all time

I wonder
did he ever race?
is he a first generation immigrant?

does he have a family?
where does he live?

should I send these questions directly to Bryn?


Zoo said...

lol, that dude looks like he's been around the block a few times. It amazes me how many cyclists there are riding in your area, I NEVER see cyclist around my town...except for myself

Zoo said...

I wish crosstalk would get their GP movie up! bah, can't wait no longer :P

Anonymous said...

dave has become zoo?


I guess there are a number of people on bikes


they repeat themselves


Anonymous said...

His name is Chris.

no to the others.

as far as I know anymore.

Bryn said...

That's Byron. Viva Guatemala!

Old School indeed. He used to be a real sour fellow, but lately he's come around and he's fun to hang out with. I don't drink anymore, but I can still appreciate a guy that keeps extra beer in his bag to share after work. He's had some gnarly accidents and recently broke various foot bones, but he's hardcore, you know? I don't think he ever raced, but he loves to ride his "horse", as he calls it, and you can count on him to show up at any alleycat or messenger event.

secret nickname: "The Drunkest Fraggle"

gwadzilla said...

can I buy a vowel?


thanks for the skinny
or the 411 as someone more hip than me may say

when I see people I often try to fill in the blank on their personality
how they talk?
what they enjoy outside of work...
I am always wrong
yet I continue to try

gwadzilla said...

and yes

I often transpose some of these identities into a different place and time

the bicycle racer in his youth is a fun part of my day dream

Meredith said...

yeah! What Bryn said! Byron is hilarious. Sometimes its hard to tell what he's saying but that's usually due to the combination accent and alcohol level. He's definitely a good dude and very involved in the messenger community--comes to nearly every event including a lot of DCBCA "meetings" at Toledo Lounge. Notable quotes: "Cuz we'za messengers." "You know how we roll, we'za messengers." And I'm not sure if I've ever heard him call his bike a bike. He ALWAYS says "horse".