dc space is a starbucks

the world has changed

there is a McDonalds in Chang Mai
a train goes to Machu Picchu
soon there will be a chair lift going to the top of Everest

dc is no different

so much of dc has changed
china block has become chinatown
although there is a question as to how much chinese remains

the old 9:30 (club) only maintains the old facade
the interior was gutted
it was the only way to remove the smell of vomit

dc space is a starbucks

(wanted to use logos... but dc space is pre-Internet and there seems to lack a DC Space graphic)


Anonymous said...

Space was the place.

gwadzilla said...

it was a cool place
I have some great memories from that place
what I can remember

I do recall seeing one of the bands play a movie they had made
from my perspective it looked the the film had been loaded wrong and played backwards
either way it was just some art stuff
the people clapped and they did not say anything
I think it was played backwards

I wonder what really happened