grifter trick...

just got back from picking up lunch...

as if the by the pound buffets are not a big enough scam
when at the register there was a little confusion
first put off by the price of ten dollars and fourteen cents
distracted by the two cute asian cashiers and the artificial yet amazing asian clevage beside me in line
I tried to explain why I did not need a bag
I put my five and several one dollar bills back in my wallet
then searched my pocket for some change

unable to find any change I thought that I gave the cashier a twenty dollar bill with no change

still debating with the second cashier on why I would not need a bag for trash, picking up dog poop, or any other use
I fought the impulse of the vortex that was stealing my male attention
okay... glanced once
may have gotten caught when I glanced a second time
stayed focus on making my payment and receiving my change
then the change came
it was change for eleven dollars... from a ten and a one that sat on the register
but I thought I gave the woman a twenty

grifter trick?

oh man
I am so confused
guess it cost me ten bucks to stare down some woman's shirt
they gave me the correct change
either way I am confused

were they real or were they fake... from a strictly scientific or perhaps sociological perspective of course

no matter how it breaks down...
right change or wrong change
10.14 is too much for lunch
especially for how empty my styro-foam container is
I am never going back there
unless of course that woman with the artificially enhanced clevage is headed back in there

not a pig
just male
okay... I may be a tad more male than some
less male than others

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gwadzilla said...

does my wife read my blog?

my wife knows I am male...

just as it is important for a man to be in touch with his femine side
a man must also be aware of his male-ness