her photo class was working on a project involving light

it is interesting to think that modern photo classes shoot with digital cameras
are there still classes with dark rooms and the developing process
or has that gone the way of the dinosaur?

guess they teach the students how to manipulate the images with Photoshop
come to think about it
I would love to take a digital photography class!
years ago I took a Black and White photography class
I really enjoyed the time in the dark room
now that I think about it
I could use a class in Photoshop image manipulation

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Frank Brigandi said...

I use paint shop pro to enhance colors and clear up an image, ie contrast or hue.....it's easy.
I like my old $80 digital camera more than my new $335.00 camera. My mom has a bitchin old minolta from the early 1970's I use it from time to time, it's insanely great....