I am exhausted

I am exhausted
it can all get very tiring

to think one way and have the rest of the world think another can be sort of confusing
it is exhausting

bikes belong

people need to grow to understand that bikes belong
the thought that the roads were built for cars is ignorant
the roads were built for transportation
to transport people
to transport goods
there is nothing that makes me think that the roads give more right to those in cars over those on bicycle

each and every car on the road moves in such a way that it is as if I am supposed to clear the path so that they can pass
it is a dangerous game to stand up for what you believe
the states of this gamble are high
I do not enjoy playing chicken
I do not enjoy getting my heart rate up because someone nearly runs me down

it hurts to say that bikes should belong
because bikes belong
but I am not sure if the word has gotten out past the cyclist

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