I love the B-52s

when I was in grade school I used to ride my bicycle to georgetown to go record shopping
by ninth grade I had a pretty stellar record collection

an older sister turned me onto some cool stuff early on in life
not her peter framption leif garrett thing
later... her punk/new wave/reaggae thing
for christmas in 7th grade I bought her both of the B-52 albums of the time
as I did not know which one was the one to buy

I think she may have already have had that record album

it is classic
I need to drop that album on my iPod

was trolling myspace listening to some music
was digging BAM by MARBLE from Sweden

makes me want to find that BLUETIP cover of KATEANDCINDY

those are two good places to listen to some cool music you may have never heard before
here is another FORT KNOX FIVE

crank it
blow your office speaks
spin in your chair
or listen to it at home as you chill out for the night
either way
give it a listen
music is the key reason to go to myspace
oh.. that and the soft core southern california porn
okay some are more into the Portland verison which I have heard called Porn Land


Shawn Kielty said...

I saw the b-52's live -- great show -- I love them...

gwadzilla said...

I saw then as well
but years after the release of this record

but still years before their "second coming"

their Love Shack/Roam releases
which were on a different level of contribution

the early stuff was amazing

the late stuff was just fun

Steeker said...

they just had a bunch of thier video's on TV this morning ,, I like them too

Anonymous said...

I still have both of those early records - as records! They rock. Also, I have the Rhino Records anthology which is really awesome. "Strobelight" is one of the best songs ever.

"I wanna kiss your pineapple"