JDATE? do you have to be jewish to play?

as I am married I am not in the market
yet the modern age style of dating does intrigue me

here is a hungarian model plugging JDATE
jewilicious gave me the basic 411
I wonder if she is jewish?

billy joel sang about a catholic girl named virginia
she was similar to most of the girls I knew growing up
too bad there was not JDATE when I was in high school
guess we would have needed more than BASIC and PASCAL to make that happen

let me bring it back to the bike...
apparently YOM KIPPUR is a big day for kids and their bikes in Isreal
The Jerusalem Post has an article about BIKE HEAVEN on YOM KIPPUR

I recall flying kites on Catholic Holy Days
my mother was moderately strict that my brother and I observed Good Friday with reverace
so in an effort to observe the day we listened to JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR
for those who don't know
Jesus Christ Superstar ROCKS!

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gwadzilla said...

hungarian model?

I meant to say...

porn star