jesus camp

me and the wife got a sitter and went on a date tonight
took in dinner and a movie
not as wild as we once were
but fun to get downtown

caught jesus camp at the e street cinemas
then grabbed some grub in chinatown

man dc has changed

dc space is a starbucks
that kills me

go see jesus camp

this response from Ted Haggart makes me look forward to seeing this film again when I buy it on dvd

Jesus Camp Response

"You can expect to learn as much about the Catholic Church from Nacho Libre as you can learn about evangelicalism from Jesus Camp. This movie manipulates facts like a Michael Moore film and works the camera like The Blair Witch Project. It's one more 'documentary' that seems to miss the point intentionally."

~Ted Haggard


Freewheel said...

Thanks for the tip -- the trailer is interesting. I'll check it out when it comes to netflix.

gwadzilla said...

that ted haggard cracks me up everytime....

he was fantastic in Jesus Camp

Frank Brigandi said...

saw something on television, sort of a clip or segment of the movie. ironically I threw someone out of my store today who after picking up a bicycle insisted I did not like him, and tried to get his money back for his repair. I nipped his attempt at fanaticism in the bud, see when he dropped off his bike, he handed me a slew of paper work in ragrd to god and hjesus and hell and christianity...I wanted nothing to do with any of it and just ignored it and his vloume growing preaching, took in his bike and told him I;d call him when it was ready. he associated my disinterest with a choice, he making the deciosion for me ( as it always is in the church) he chose that I disliked him, I had to correct him in my special way and enlightened him to how I run my life, my business and my choices, and his ways now are probablly no different than the day he stopped beating his children and his wife and taded in his disgusting behavior for another excuse, once not relying on his own strength but the strength and motivation of something else. His previious motivation was alchohol and drugs, now it's jesus christ.
I do not patronize any churches or anything of the like, I respect my family and my surroundings enough to realize that if there is a god, greater than anyone I know or haven;t met yet, he/she/it would probablly respect what I am about and wouldn;t respect me if I wanted to suck his toes and drink his blood, besides the fact that the catholic and christian churches rape and molest children all in the name of god.....I won;t pay a dime or give 2 seconds to that movie, it's just giving them what they want, attention.

gwadzilla said...


I think there should be some attention to the blurring of church and state

faith based initiatives
advice from ministers and priests
talking to god
these are not exactly the actions of separation of church and state

it is a great film