kids on cross bikes

the photos from Charm City and the Ed Sanders event are on my laptop at home

at both of these cyclocross events there have been some very interesting happenings on the race course

at Charm City the top five spots in the Killer Bs were mixed up by the action of two juniors and one woman
it was really quite an exciting race to watch
who would think that this fast and strong adult male field could get schooled by a woman and two kids?

then the following weekend at the NCVC: Ed Sanders Cyclocross Event the the men in the Killer Bs were spared the humiliation as Georgia Gould was not in the area

but they still had to contend with the intensity of 14 year old Morgan Gerlak

while need to complete an English essay before he could compete kept 15 year old Nick Bax off the course until the start of the A Race
where Nick Took 4th Place

these may be names to watch in cyclings future
it is great to see these guys on the course
they attack with great intensity and amazing passion

Nick Bax Blog
not sure if Morgan keeps a web log.... but he should

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