no bikes this weekend

no bikes this weekend
does not look like there be any bikes tomorrow
too much on the calendar for the day

there was a race today
had not planned on racing
try not to race every weekend
not fair to the family

also did not think that the course was anything special
will save the permission slip for a few more races where I feel the courses will be a thrill
not sure what or where
there are so many choices
unlikely I will consider the iron cross
but... we will see

also need to get my warrantied jamis built
that bike looks sweet!
I loved my old nova and well... that was the old nova
the new nova has a carbon fork and well... should have the snap of a new bike
and well
it should fit me better as the last frame was a tad small


Capt. Jack Sparrow said...

Oooh, "permission slip" sounds harsh.

gwadzilla said...

I am sure that you have to work a balance in your relationship
even pre-marriage there needs to be consideration of the other person's time

with the kids in the equation
it is not just me doing separate from my wife
it is also me spending a day away from the kids
which means my wife needs to watch the boys
or we need arrange some sort of sitter situation

no harsh

it may be a harsh reality
then again
reality exists with harsh implied