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this sounds like something to put on my radar for things to come
not so much this running event
but maybe some of the other EX2Adventures running events

jim harmon and the crew throw on the great local mountain bike series the CRANKYMONKEY
it his running races carry the same energy
maybe I should stretch and go for a jog?

it is hard for many to believe
(my brother stands in line with a long list of doubting thomas-es)
but yes... I used to be a bit of a natural runner
it went along with being a soccer player
and a freak that loved to walk everywhere

yes five minute miles
50 second quarter miles
okay usually 51 or 52
but that was before I discovered caffiene
where was my coaching

these are not the running times of an elite athlete
but for a fred flintstone type like myself
that was pretty alright

even when I was a lanky teenager
I had the reputation of being a bit of a clydesdale

gwadzilla archive
on the cranky monkey and wakefield races
beardo a the cranky monkey race
yes... that is me... the beardo

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