police chase

they say...
you may be able to out run Chevrolet
but you can not out run Motorola

I wonder if he got away
Bike Chased by Cops on YOUTUBE
sent to me by Nick Daniels of the Pedal Shop
how come I have not seen Nick at any cross races yet this year?


Steeker said...

I thought that was from a shoe TV add???

gwadzilla said...

it could have been a TV AD

it is not uncommon for me to confuse fact and fiction
as in the case of the OJ Simpson chase
I would always think that the HERTZ ads were part of the police chase
when the chase was in the white bronco
they never made it to the airport

Bryn said...

If it is, in fact, real, then I sure as hell hope he got away, because if those cops caught him after their cruiser got smashed, I bet he caught a heckuva beatdown.