Pure Sweet Hell....

scanning some blogs
went from Faia's Blog to 32X18
32X18 reminded me that I want to see PURE SWEET HELL

and Faia's blog

enough computer I have some stuff I need to knock out

I wonder if CROSSTALK will piece together a film from last weekend's local race?
I am curious about the course
the last two video Podcasts were AWESOME!


Zoo said...

crosstalk added a "What's Next" section and says that he will be putting up a GP vid shortly.

I just bought Pure Sweet Hell this past weekend at the race. It was pretty good but was a little dissappionted, I always hear how it's the best cross film and such but just seemed kind of short and didn't have as many interviews and such that I was hoping for.

gwadzilla said...

I am excited about CROSSTALK
documentary films
I love the story

it will be great to come back and see some of these videos in ten years

will have to archive them
and store them somewhere