slow down... I think I cheered before crossing the finishline

the traffic on my road is still an issue

all my emails to various people in various offices got things to a point where we met and had a discussion
the formal "walk through" seemed to go well
but... I failed to understand bureaucracy
somehow I was unable to read through the lines of the unseen red tape

there is not the rubber stamp for the BIKE LANES as we had discussed
well... there is agreement from all but one point


the thought of thinning the road with a sidewalk has not been axed
this idea from one man is still strong in this one man's mind

f-cking brutal...

I am trying to work with the system

but I am starting to thing that the retractable strip of spikes is still the best option
at least someone would be doing something

the police effort has been non-existent since the meeting

these people respond to your calls but not to your requests



Zoo said...

Good to hear that you're playing a part in bike land and routes. Keep trying, sooner or later they'll bite.

gwadzilla said...

it is my contention that it is a closing door
the world is changing fast
we need to put cyclint in part of the future
we need to start now

in my mind it is not so important for us to teach that silver haired man to understand the cyclist
we need to get the next wave of silver haired men to understand the rights of cyclist
to make that happen
we need to educate them while they are younger
thbe mothers and fathers of the adults of tomorrow do not know how to behave around bicycles
the mothers and fathers of today do not know how to behave around runners, pedestrians, and other cars
and they are teaching their children through example

the edcation needs start at all levels
we need to educate the parents to educate the kids
or maybe
we may have a better chance educating the kids
in a hope that they educate the parents

no matter how we do it
we need to educate the people

through education there may grow to be greater empathy and understanding
which will lead to a better world all around
not just to the cyclist

if peopel are mroe understanding of cyclist
they will get less angry an cyclists

it is good when people are less angry

random said...

You on vacation? Blog break? I hope you get out on the cross bike, you should repost the c&o canal story, one of my favorite reads.

gwadzilla said...

spent the day working on the house
called in sick
the kids were up all night
I got zero sleep
needed to rest and recover
then when I caught up on a few Zs
I was able to work on some home projects that have been lingering