this is scary

this is scary
this country is scary
not scary ha ha in a boo I scared you sort of way
not scary halloween style

scary as in... where are our freedoms? scary

I always thought that one of the great things about this country was our freedom of opinion, our freedom of expression, and our freedom to question our leadership

apparrently not

here is a story about a man getting charged with assault for criticising dick cheney to his face
here is that same story from another source
I read it in an email
hopefully either of these prints it as I read it

I fear that we are giving up our freedom in the name of freedom
which makes me consider burning down my house so it will not catch fire

we are a progressive country
I have faith in our ability to evolve and grow past this ugly part of history
we survived the Civil War.... we can sort out this divide in our country's

another incarnation of satan

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