today is winding down... the sun has set and the moon is rising

a pretty solid saturday
lisa evacuated early leaving me with the boys
fed boys, clothed boys, entertained boys
the boys walked the dog with me then we got in the car

fed the boys more as we made the short cross town drive for the yoga exchange
growing boys need to eat

the yoga exchange is where lisa comes out of class gets my car full of kids
passes off the keys tells me where her car is as I rush into class

getting back into yoga after a few months off felt great
the timing is good
yoga will fit well into my winter needs as the bicycle loses priority
less riding and less racing in the winter
good to mix it up with some other options

after yoga there was a dash through Best Buy to use a gift card that has been in my wallet for a few months
then to the corner cheapie chinese joint for some singapore noodle
while my food was being prepped I snapped some shots of a woman on the phone along side of her bicycle
got home in a casual way not realizing I was running late for dean's soccer game

the soccer game went as most of the five year old soccer games go
lots of swarming around the ball
dean scored a goal which made him happy which made me happy
my brother showed up with his family for some of the game
dean played with his cousins for a few minutes
then I had to rush him off to the next activity
violin lessions.... no not violin lessons
a fair at the school where I was signed up to operate the Snow Cone booth

lisa and grant met up with dean and myself
lisa had sneakers for dean knowing I had left for the game without them
my wife is the glue that holds this house and my life together
the moon bounce worked well for swapping cleats for shoes

the boys ran wild between moon bounces, climbing walls, and an assortment of games with prizes for just playing

I had a moment to speak with Adrian Fenty the next mayor of Washington DC
he shook my hand and made solid eye contact
not sure if he remembered me from the times we had met before
I warned him that we would be having lunch
we did not talk about much more than a quick congratulations and my being a cyclist
his brother rides for a DC road team and that was more a topic than town politics
we said our good byes and Adrian got onto the next set of hands to shake
he handed me his card and offered that I could bring others for our lunch session

had to drag dean away from the fair even though everything was shut down
he still did not want to leave

the rest of the afternoon was spent watching one of the movies purchased this morning and eating left overs for dinner
left overs including the singapore noodle from this morning

after dinner there was wrestling and giggling
which of course included some crying and fighting
my throat is hoarse from all the monster noises and all the laughing

now the boys are in the bath
not a bad day
no time on the bike
sure there was the IRON CROSS cyclocross event
I am a father before I am a cyclist
there will be other events
perhaps I will focus on an event for next weekend
I think there are two options on next weeks cross calendar

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