urban planning and the 1600 block of Park Road

that situation with the dc metropolitian police officer on Park Road occured while I was riding a route that intentionally took me down a city block that a member of the ANC for my neighborhood had talked about being altered to improve the flow of traffic and the safety of traffic

the proposition for this block of road is to remove parking from one side of the street and thinning the road


I am not a city planner
but I hope those that plan the city are smart enough to include the bicycle into the equation
yet I fear... that the bicycle and the future of bicycling is rarely considered

the numbers of cyclist are what they are
that number will only increase as the population increases
if cycling were more safe
well... that would aid in allowing the number of cyclist to increase even more
there needs to be a way for the cities to keep the number of cars down
traffic is congested enough
you do the math of the next five years of growth
and so on
and so on

factor in cycling and it can be a positive growth together
increase the safety for cycling
along with increasing the education
that silver haired man grew up in a time where people did not view the bike as they do now
well... we need to make sure that the next generation of silver haired men does understand that bicycle has a right to the road

that said
although I am opposed to the idea of thinning a two lane road with a double yellow line in my neighborhood
I am trying to picture how this plan to thin this one way street would work
if it involved a bike lane
it could make sense
what these planners are failing to see
there is not enough room for the cyclist with the roads wide
if the roads are thinned
there will be no way for the car to pass
unless the bicycle gets out of the door zone
and into the driver's seat of that parked car
that is too far over

enough on this
I have actually been ranting when I would prefer to be eating
my older son can not fall asleep and wants my company
as he tries to sleep I work on the computer in the next room
he would hear the footsteps if I tried to leave
he would make me stay
so I stay
so I blog

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